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Thursday, September 25, 2008

IBC - Hostess or Dolly Madison Snack Cake (K-6)

Free Snack Cake ( Submitted September-25 )
This is a great opportunity for us to recognize hard working K-6th grade students across the United States.

Here’s how to get a sweet reward:

1. When a child receives their report card with either all A’s, B’s or both A’s and B’s, the student or parent can print out a copy of the IBC Student Achievement Award and take it to the child’s teacher to get signed.

2. Once you have a copy of the Student Achievement Award and a teacher’s signature, bring it along with the student’s report card to the nearest IBC bakery outlet store to redeem the sweet reward!

[Rules may vary. For more information, contact the IBC bakery outlet store nearest you by using our Store Locator zip code search.]

3. The hard-working student will then receive a FREE Hostess® or Dolly Madison® snack cake.

Parents also win! By encouraging your child to do well in school, you will also receive one FREE loaf of bread just for bringing your child and his/her report card to one of our outlet stores.

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  1. “Cakes and pastries fine enough to serve at the White House.” That is how Roy Nafziger, IBC’s founder, described his Dolly Madison® snack cakes at their introduction in 1937. Roy’s fascination with the First Lady Dolley Madison lent him the name and inspiration to create a high quality snack fit for a socialite like Madison yet affordable for everyone.
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