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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bath and Body Works - Free Product Samples

Free Beauty Product With Any Purchase ( Expires April-12 )
I know this is not a true freebie, however many of us do shop at bath and body works, if you do happen to buy at their store don't forget to get your free product... Anna

Note : Offer found in the comments by quick .. thank you


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Thanks Quick,

    I was getting ready to post this. Bath & Body Works Coupon-ANY item (up to 11.00) free w/ ANY purchase-Exp 4/12

    Just a suggestion on how to use this coupon, but it all depends on how addicted you are to BBW(lol)

    Bring in the coupon and make any purchase.

    Bath & Body Works have items for $1.00, and then you will get another item for free (up to $11).

    Suggested items:
    Glycerine Soap $1.00
    Gift Bag $1.00
    Nail File $1.50

  2. Gloria3:33 PM

    We did not have any problems using the coupons .

    The cashier was really nice. Our total purchase was 11.27, including tax.

    If we did not have the coupons, we would have spent 69.50.

    Total savings $57.23

    We purchase:
    3 Pampering Gft Sets @ $10 Each
    1 Strawberry Patch Candle- 9.50
    1 Men C.O Bigelow Hair & Body Wash- $10
    1 C.O Bigelow Body Spray- $10
    1 Sweetest, Softest Eye Mask- $10

    Quick, thanks, again!

  3. Anonymous3:59 AM

    no good, I tried at my local store and was told that this is fraudulent. If you notice, there is no bar code on it.

  4. Heather12:56 PM

    there are rarely any barcodes on BBW coupons... i should know.. I work there